Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easter Baskets 2021

 Spring is here and Easter is near! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. We do Easter baskets, easter egg hunts, dye eggs, and normally visit the easter bunny. we do it all. to me, this holiday really kicks spring off to a start and it's all about remembering why we celebrate this holiday and spending it with the ones we love. all that extra stuff is just a bonus! 

i thought i'd share what i included in our easter baskets this year because i think all of these items are just good ideas going into spring/summer if you're looking for kids stuff! 

we'll start with sullivan's basket:

1. Cuddle and Kind doll 

2. acorn basket  this brand carries SO many baskets/purses/carry alls. PERFECT for little hands who love collecting and carrying their treasures. 

3. sunglasses 

4. holtziger dino's- i just discovered this brand and am in love. you can easily go overboard! they're so well made and i think he will love and play with these for years to come. 

5. Maileg mice- also fell in love with this brand when i dove in the deep end with the dollhouse. i got him the mom and dad and then a set of triplets. i love how some of them come with the matchbox- he loves carrying them around in those boxes! 

6. Swim trunks- i loved this colorway. i always throw in swim stuff in their baskets! 

7. sandals- some of you may know that i stalked these sandals before i finally scored them. we had them last year and they worked so well for water play! 

8. the digger and the flower book 

now, onto the girls' baskets!

1. swim suits-  i got the blue floral and caramel colors. 

2. tubby todd- i will split this set into all their baskets. you can use this link to get 10% off your order, always!

3. ryan and wren clips

4. jump ropes 

5. bubbles - i will split this set for all the kids

6. Made by Mary evie charm stacker necklace- i love MBM and now they have kid's stuff. such a sweet gift idea! 

7. soccer hoverboard - will be for both girls

8. macaron chalk - will also be a shared gift

I also got basket tags to tie onto their baskets from Rosella and Margaret! They're the cutest way to personalize their baskets every year!