Monday, June 11, 2018

We're Having a BAABYYYYYYYYY!!!

Guys. I've been holding super exciting news in since April. It's been so hard to contain and keep a secret but now I can finally spill the beans- we're having another baby!!!!!

We are so beyond ecstatic to be adding another babe to the brood. I think what makes it all that more exciting is the girls. They are SO excited and actually understand (for the most part) what this means for our family. I am mostly excited for Sophia- she will be 8 when the baby is born and I have a feeling she will be so excited to help out. I can't wait to watch my oldest love and dote on the new baby. This pregnancy already feels so different than my other two and it could be because we're pretty sure this will be our last, it's been 5 years since we've gone through this stage, and our kids are older and understand more.

We told the girls with our Letterfolk letterboard

So far, my pregnancy with this one has been so drastically different than my other two pregnancies. I knew almost right away that something was off and while we were planning this pregnancy, as soon as my anticipated period didn't come- I took a test and it was positive. Finding out so early has its pros and cons- the cons being that I've been holding this news in for what seems so long and most doctor's won't see you until 8-10 weeks. I found out at 4 weeks.
If you Google "early pregnancy signs" and read about the symptoms, I had them all. With my other pregnancies, I barely felt pregnant and had barely any symptoms, except fatigue. With this one, to this day, I've fought constant queasiness- an odd combination of being hungry and nauseas at the same time. I have not vomited but have come so close and almost wish I would. I would say the queasiness is the most irritating and frustrating symptom-  especially because I feel that way before I eat, and it seems to get worse if I let myself go too long between meals, but it also kicks in while I'm eating, and after. I also have had a constant "bloated" tummy- so I kept telling myself it was just bloat, however, it's been bloat that has been there since about week 5, so I think I have resigned myself that I'm starting to show a little earlier with this one. I am so thankful we're getting into warm weather where dresses will be what I live in.
I called my doctor at around week 5 to schedule an appointment and didn't get in until WEEK 10. Guys- that seemed like an ETERNITY to wait and I was just so anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat and have some other sign that there is indeed a life growing inside there. (as if the nausea and constant peeing didn't provide enough evidence)
The appointment went so well- the baby's heartbeat was 171 and I am measuring around 3 days later than my calculations were. They didn't change my due date of December 20th though. Because I've had two previous C-sections, I will most likely have another- and they said during the 39th week, I will be able to choose a day. During the ultrasound, the baby was moving its arms and legs- it was so neat to see!


Other symptoms I've noticed

Fatigue (this goes without saying, I was super fatigued throughout most of my past pregnancies and this one is no exception)
Vivid dreams (this was actually one of my most first signs- I started having the most vivid, strange dreams and remembered I had this when I was pregnant before)
Food aversions- with my last pregnancies- I really didn't have any aversions- except for red meat cooking- this time, one of my earliest signs that something was off- I got a Starbucks coffee- the smell and taste were so strong to me and it made me feel sick. I knew that I was definitely pregnant with that. This aversion has been helpful because I've had zero coffee since. Along with that, anything that has a more strong taste or smell to it- I can't do. It makes me instantly queasy. I couldn't even get down a more tart apple at work the other day.
Insomnia-  I will wake up around 3 or 4 AM and not be able to go back to sleep. This past weekend- I fell asleep on the couch around 9, woke up with Will to go to bed around 1AM and couldn't go back to sleep until around 3. I was wide eyed awake around 6AM again. UGH.

I am now entering into my 2nd trimester already which is crazy to think about because the last three months have FLOWN by already!
All that to say, we are completely over the moon and can't wait for December. It will be the perfect Christmas gift. =)