Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Goals and Some EXCITING NEWS!

Well, people- it's 2017 already! We had a WONDERFUL NYE and got home in time to have a relaxing day on Monday. We got all the Christmas decor down and stored away, did laundry, watched the Iowa game, and played with all of our new stuff!

A fresh, clean start to the new year! 

It's January and of course that means it's time for January goals! This month is a little different though because several of my goals are related to my exciting news I have to share! So, that first!

Last Fall, I started looking into what it would take to start seeing therapy clients privately and ended up speaking with an old supervisor who was also looking to expand her practice. Things moved forward unexpectedly and I am so excited to announce that officially in February, I'll be moving into an office space with 5 other ladies to provide therapy services! I will continue my work at my full time job and work nights and Saturdays, or as needed. I already have started seeing clients in a temporary location. Right now, I am only accepting private pay and then once I start getting credentialed by insurance companies, will accept those insurances. So, if you know anyone in need of therapy- send them my way! =)

Here's a link to my website, you can check out!

Here's my Psychology Today profile too, where appointments can be made through. 

 But February 1st is the BIG date and there is SO much to do! From creating an LLC, to office furniture, to taxes and accounting, to figuring out all the little details- do we want to pay someone to clean or clean ourselves, to working out details of the lease and business accounts. Billing and insurance is something that I've had the luxury of not having to do and that is all changing here in the next month. Oy vey. It's been a little overwhelming to say the least and I will be honest in saying that I am a little terrified. I wonder if I will be able to build a caseload- will people come? I also feel a little traitorous- you don't go into this field for the money so doing private practice feels like I'm moving to the dark side, in a sense. I know I have to get over that and I have to know the benefits that someone would get by seeing me. I have to know my worth. Again, it's definitely a work in progress. So, for the past few months- my world has been filling out insurance applications, building my website and working with the other ladies in finding a space that would work for all of us. I could not have done it without them! I am so excited to start this journey for 2017!

That also brings me to my monthly goals

The first being all about starting in February:  1.) Get office furniture (I will need everything- from a desk, to chairs, a couch and toys for kiddos) I will need to start scouring Craigslist and other furniture stores to hopefully get stuff on sale.

2.) Credentialing- I am working on filling out the MOUNDS of paperwork needed to be credentialed by insurance companies. I am starting with one and then going to go from there. I am also going to fill out the paperwork to accept state insurance but that's a total of FOUR applications. In their defense, the main one is the longest and the other three are much shorter. I could probably recite my NPI and license number by heart now for the amount of times I've had to write it down.

3.) Trips- Will and I need to sit down and figure out trips that we want to take this year. We've been meaning to schedule a trip to Florida to see my grandparents but with so much going on, it's been difficult to say the least. We also want to take a couples trip to celebrate Will's graduation this Spring.

4.) Organize- We've only lived in our new home for going on four months. And already, our junk drawer has accumulated to its max. On Monday, I finally tackled it and got it organized. I made a list of all the areas that I would like to organize. One space at a time. So, next space for January will be the girl's bathroom vanity. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from here and of course Pinterest!


After (I also moved the junk drawer to the bottom- when we moved in, I worked on the kitchen at midnight and so now I've had some time to figure out what works and what doesn't. 

I think that'll be it for January! I can't wait to keep you all updated on my adventure into private practice and be able to share some pictures of our office space.

Happy January and 2017!