Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites: A Bunch of Randomness

Hey Friday! It's so good to see you!! As always, I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals. This Friday, I have a whole lotta randomness that made my favorites list!

First up, a FAVORITE this week was announcing my plans to start my private practice. I've gotten lots of supportive, encouraging messages- so thank you all for always being so supportive of me! 

And another favorite this week was taking down all of our Christmas decor and starting out fresh and clean for the New Year! Usually, I like to keep things up from Christmas a little longer but this year, for some reason, I was more than ready!

This sign from Carpenter Country Creations is an absolute FAVORITE! Now, I just need to find the perfect spot to hang it. I have several options, just have to make the decision!

I am also loving ALL things marble. Marble jewelry, marble furniture, marble decor. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Love this watch but it's currently sold out so apparently others loved it too!

I got these earrings in my last Rocksbox and loved them instantly! I definitely decided to buy these!

Loving this accent table from Target

I got this lamp from Target when we moved in and I love the copper paired with the "marble"

Velvet. This is a trend I can definitely jump behind! I have these velvet pants in blue and boy oh boy are they so smooth!

I also am LOVING these shoes!! To die for! 

Sparkly bath time- once in awhile, we let the girls pick a bath bomb from Lush (love them!) to put in their bath. Well, this Tuesday, was bath night and I told them that they could have one in their bath. I was working on something and heard Will ask, "Is this not a bath bomb?" and sounding very exasperated. He brought it to me and in his hand was a chunk of Lush's shimmy bar- which is a shimmer stick for your body. He had tried to run it under water and of course, it wouldn't work. No big deal, he just chose a different one and life went on. When I went to get Saidey out of the tub and was drying her off, I noticed she was COMPLETELY covered in sparkles! We all had a good laugh, it was definitely a FAVORITE moment! Today (Thursday) there are still telltale signs of sparkle on her legs and tummy. =)

That's it for today! Happy Friday everybody! Hope everyone in Iowa stays warm! Have a great weeekend!!