Sunday, October 16, 2016

Welcome Home

Hey friends! The waiting is over. We are officially moved into our new home and we feel right at home already.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind but boy, does it feel good to see our furniture and decor in the new place, making it all our own. Being a homeowner comes with its challenges and we already have a running list of projects that need to be completed. The first: the deck. It's in good shape but we want to make sure it survives the winter and can last us a little longer. We decided to just stain it versus painting it and we love the results!


Sorry for the poor before picture, but you can sort of get the idea!


As you can see, it looks like new life has been brought into the deck. Now all we need is some deck furniture, chairs and some twinkling lights =)

I wanted to feature one room at a time, but instead I've decided to highlight my favorite parts of our new home. Some of them are features of the home that we love and some are decor items that I love.

Living Room 

One huge selling factor for us was the immense natural light coming from the three large windows right when you walk in. Along with the high ceilings, this room was a wow factor for me.

 Can we just talk about this rug for a minute? I wanted something that POPPED when you walked in and I think I nailed it! This rug is AH-MA-ZING friends and I got it at a deep discount. The texture is loomed/woven, oh heck I don't even know but it's so good and it feels so.plush. Just between you and me, I purposely walk over the rug on my way upstairs.

This sign is under the stairway and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. I love this saying and it's absolutely perfect in our space.

After you walk through the living room, you hit the dining room

This sign is in our dining room and I am in love.

Alright guys. This light right here is a spot of contention between Will and I. He hates  strongly dislikes and I LOVE. We decided to get moved in before deciding if it stays or goes. It's still here after a few weeks.... so...

Directly to the right of the dining room, you'll enter the kitchen. There is also another walkway to the kitchen through the living room.

I loved the openness through the living room, dining room and family room. And of course, white cabinetry. =)

Through the kitchen, you'll find the family room. Off the kitchen as well, is the garage entry, a 1/2 bath and laundry room.

This area really sold us. We loved this area of the home and with the fireplace and built in, it had an instant cozy factor.

Love these built ins and the fun that is styling the shelves. I can change things up when I feel like it. Can you say CHRISTMAS decor?!

This is such a cozy space for us.

From the living room, there are stairs to all three bedrooms upstairs. Including a bathroom for the girls and a master bath.

Saidey's Room

We love these window seats that are in each girls' room! Saidey's seat even has a storage area underneath!

Saidey's walls in her room are all white. I didn't feel the need to paint before we moved in but now that we are getting settled in, I think something is missing in her room. I still would like to add a rug, which I think will help add some color but I am also thinking of painting one wall a light mint color. Any thoughts? 

Sophia's Room

We decided to stick with coral and mint in Sophia's room as well, working off the theme of flamingos. Her bedding has flamingos on it and so all we're missing is THE cutest flamingo head I saw at Hobby Lobby. Sounds weird but I'm thinking it will look perfect on the left side of her window, on the inner wall. 

 I'm thinking that I'd like to chalk paint her brown dresser a coral color.

Almost every morning, I find Sophia in this spot =) She loves it!

Master Bedroom

I loved this wall from the minute I saw it. I knew if we moved in, I wouldn't want to change it. The other walls are a light, olive green. I also got deep purple accents (curtains, pillow) that bring out the colors in the wallpaper. Surprisingly, it doesn't clash at all- it sort of just all works together. 

We are officially home! (happy squeals!)

There is also a partially finished basement (the girl's playroom will be down here.  I'm also working on creating an arts/crafts area down there too) and a HUGE storage area/room. Thanks for coming on a tour of our home. We can't wait to make memories here and continue to make it our own. I think we're off to a good start!

Happy Monday!