Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekend Recap- BRR Edition

Hey friends! I'm not quite sure why I'm recapping our weekend when most of you already can probably anticipate about how it went :) Can you say TWO trips to Target??

Anywho, Friday was spent in usual fashion- pizza, movies and treats

(sorry so blurry- bad lighting) 

When your 2 year old deems herself as your helper 

Saturday, although fr-eezing, we ventured out and ran to Michaels, Target, Office Depot and then trekked to Indianola so Will could help me put together a shelf for my office. I also took the opportunity to spruce it by decorating a little and adding some finishing touches. We ate lunch and the girls played while we worked.

She dressed herself.. not too shabby. 
Except. She forgot the whole underwear part. 

We went home and had a little quiet time. Girls had leftovers for supper and it was a quiet night in. 

Sunday was bitterly cold and so we spent the morning by working on laundry and cleaning. Sophia and I got ready and braved the cold and went to Target to pick out a gift for a friend whose birthday party was later that day. We brought lunch home and had some quiet time before taking Sophia to the party. While Sophia was at the party, the three remaining ran to Michaels and HyVee. 

Why do my kids think it's appropriate to growl at me when I ask them to smile?! 

See what I mean?! 

And HyVee is pretty much genius with this:

Feeling a little lost without Sophia. She was wandering aimlessly until Sophia got home. 

We got home in time to put groceries away and Will went to pick up Sophia. When they got back, the girls and I decided to do some baking- one of our favorites! After baking, the girls wanted to paint their nails, so we did that, cooked supper and got ready for the week.

To those worried about potential salmonella risk- NO EGGS WERE INVOLVED IN THIS PICTURE! =)

Will and I finished Making a Murderer- and all I can say is WOAH. I'm not just not sure what to think and Will thinks I'm edging on crazy while I'm researching the case on the internet. 

Anyway, I announced exciting news on Friday and wrote about it here, yesterday. I'm also super excited that my Mondays are complete again with The Bachelor. These ladies absolutely kill me.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

We've had a great start to 2016 and I can't believe we are already halfway through January!

Happy Tuesday and Iowa friends- STAY WARM AND BUNDLE UP!!