Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hey Monday, like always you came too soon. This weekend was just what we all needed. Full of relaxing and pajama wearing all day.

We started the weekend out right by getting adjusted:

The girls love seeing their chiropractor! Perhaps we have a future chiropractor on our hands?!

Friday night was our weekly Friday Night Pizza Night- we ordered from one of my favorite pizza places- Red Rossa. While we ate, we watched Inside Out.

Saturday morning was slow going. We searched for Peppermint, checked the advent calendar and ate breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to decorate the gingerbread village that Peppermint brought Friday. The girls went into sprinkle and frosting overload:

Look at that concentration!

After we'd sprinkled, frosted and decorated, we finally got out of our jammies and headed to Target to grab a few things. We spent too much time and money in Target and picked up lunch and headed home.

And our best purchase from Target, this tree that we put in the girls' room! Love it!

Holiday cheer!

We hung out in the basement for the rest of the afternoon- the girls played/watched movies/rested. We finally rose from the depths and headed to my mom's house to visit for a little while. We took Odin with us so the pups could have a little play date.  The girls started out playing really well and my mom asked if they always did this. She must have jinxed them because about twenty minutes before we were getting ready to leave, they were arguing. Someone took something from the other which resulted in lots of "NOOOOO's" and crying and pouting. #sisters

After dinner, I looked over to see this: I knew they were so quiet for a reason!

Sunday was spent cleaning, working on laundry and finishing up some Christmas shopping online. While the girls played, I was able to address our Christmas cards and start on some Shutterfly projects. Have I mentioned that uploading 800 photos takes a long time? Also, did I mention how much I despise photo projects but love the end result. So, I keep punishing myself year after year.

We were pretty lazy Sunday afternoon, staying in our jammies all day. It was the best kind of day. And I get it, we're realllly boring.

This girls did a little bit of this....

And then this...

And this...

We don't really have anything planned for the week- I am the guest reader at Sophia's school on Friday afternoon, then we have Will's work holiday party for the kids Friday afternoon, and Sophia has a birthday party for one of her classmates on Saturday morning. Also, is it a little pathetic of how excited I am to pick out a book to read to her class? Oh the decisions! There are SO many good books to choose from, I don't know where to start! ANY suggestions???

P.S. And can I just say, I'm sort of wishing I had somewhere to wear these fabulous pieces to... I'm kind of loving them!! But, sigh, I have nowhere to be that would require such a thing..

P.S.S. After all my struggles and debates of what I want to do with my hair, I have decided to let it grow out! I've had shorter hair now for the better part of three years and decided it's time for a change. Check out my hair inspiration below. For those who knew me in college, I had a frightful run in with boxed hair color and tried to go blonde. This time, I will go to a hairstylist and do it the right way!

So, that really is it for today guys! Join me back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!! Have a great week!