Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Festivities

Hey Friends! Long time, no talk! I took a little hiatus from the blog and I must say while it felt nice to relax and take a break from the pounding on the keyboard, editing pictures and linking links, a part of me felt just the tiniest bit off. I missed you all! :) 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've said it before but traveling to Will's parents is like taking a little hiatus from the rest of the world. It's quiet, relaxing and just what I need to rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

We took off Wednesday afternoon and got to Lansing in time for dinner. We relaxed, ate and let the girls play for a bit. On Thanksgiving, we relaxed some more, played and of course, ate and ate and ate. Saidey and I cuddled up on the couch and fell asleep while Sophia entertained Aunt Sara with YouTube videos of grown ups playing with toys. I decided I would let Sara watch them in my place, she can thank me later. =)

Saidey was not having it... at all.

2/4 looking at the camera- that's a win!

Sophia loves going on this bridge when we visit Grandma and Poppa. Even though it gives me a near heart attack every time, we always appease her wishes. =)

The store owner was probably not as amused as we were

After rest time, more family came and so we ate some more. And played. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, playing games, coloring and resting. It was the best.

We headed home Sunday and took the girls to Disney On Ice- what a show! The girls expressions and reactions were the absolute best. They absolutely loved it and seeing the experience through their eyes meant the world.

We headed home, ate a quick dinner and sent them to bed. Will and I finished unpacking and getting the house back in order. 

This week, we put the Christmas decorations up and our Elf, Peppermint arrived! Some people have mixed emotions about the Elf but we love it. We don't take it too seriously and we don't use the Elf to threaten good behavior. It's just a fun, silly thing that Sophia looks forward to each year. I mean, an Elf that makes you donuts and pink milk and you get to find him in a different spot each morning- how fun is that?! I even get excited about where the Elf is hiding and as soon as Sophia's feet hit the floor out of bed, she is running to find what Elf is up to; and usually, I am running right beside her. And that's what it's all about- the excitement and magic of Christmas and the twinkle in her eyes when she finds that Elf has hung our underwear in place of our stockings.

You may ask where Saidey is. She was running away, refusing to sit down at this exact moment. 2 year olds. Sigh. 

Sophia asked if our tree was a Charlie Brown christmas tree. Maybe that's a hint that she thinks our tree isn't quite cutting it anymore...
 Peppermint is BAAACK!
I am also so very excited to tell you that we are nearly finished with all of our Christmas shopping for the girls! I just need a few more small items for their stockings and that's IT! We have teacher/child care gifts to still buy and a few other things but we're almost done! WOO HOO! We got everything nearly on sale due to Black Friday and or Cyber Monday deals. Last night, Will sat in front of his computer, hitting refresh every few seconds on the Target website to check out. The things we do for our children... =)

There's a line for this item...
PS- anyone else see what's on the TV?!

We look forward to a slow week and nothing planned for the weekend! I can't wait! Have a great week, all!