Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Recap- Fall Days Edition

I can't believe we are already into October and another weekend has come and gone. For those of you that follow my blog may notice that I haven't posted October goals yet- see? October came way too fast! I am working on an October goals post so have no worries! :)

This weekend was super relaxing. Friday night was pizza and movie night. 

My Friday night pizza night date :) 

 Kind of tickled this is the book Sophia brought home from the school library

Saturday was s l o o o o w. We had a tea party. We baked pretend cookies. We watched some TV. 

We didn't get up and moving until lunchtime when we decided to grab lunch and take it to Raccoon River Park. After eating, the girls had a blast enjoying the beautiful Fall weather.

We visited my mom and Robert after naps and picked up burritos they picked up in Marshalltown! YUMMY! Finished the night off by finishing the Sons of Anarchy finale. Speaking of Netflix- what are your suggestions for shows Will and I should watch together? We've seen House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, and Dexter. I've watched Parenthood, Scandal and now Gilmore Girls but we need something we will BOTH watch. Any and all suggestions would be awesome!! Thanks in advance! :) 

Sunday was another s l o o o o o o o w day. We started laundry, cleaned up a little and then ran to Target before lunch.

She was so excited she picked out a toy she paid for from her own money.

Naptime looked like this: 

Even though our breastfeeding relationship came to an end a few months ago, I still get these precious moments. You can read about our breastfeeding journey, here. 

Meanwhile, Sophia and Will rigged up this in the middle of our room:

And yes, Sophia is under there, somewhere 

The rest of our Sunday afternoon invovled a lot of Barbie playing, pretend cooking and chasing the dog. 

And after supper, my instructions to head upstairs to take a bath, resulted in these shenanigans

That's all for us! hope you all had a great weekend! I'll be back on Wednesday with my October goals and you can see how I did in September! 

Happy Monday!