Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Bucket List

Happy hump day, all! It's October 7th already and I'm late on getting my October goals set. September seemed to fly by and October was here before I knew it.

Remember, guys? Your not being able to read it was all part of the plan! (insert winky emoji here). BUT truly and honestly, I did really good in September! I finished TWO books, found a pair of boots, figured out Halloween costumes (now to get them put together), and ordered books. The ONLY thing I did not accomplish was make an eye appointment. That's going on the October to do list now... All in all, a great month! 

October brings so much nostalgia and for a while I couldn't quite figure out why. Of course, Fall is my favorite time of the year but I think for me, October and Fall brings back so many memories, that makes it an absolute favorite.When I was younger, my grandparents owned an apple orchard, Cumming Orchard in Cumming, Iowa. I grew up spending time at the orchard- I remember helping sort apples, make apple cider and then the fall festivals- that's what it was all about! Face painting, feeding animals, hay rack rides, eating apple crisp, helping scoop ice cream. I can just smell and taste the memories. I'm sad that I don't seem to have any pics of this time, so any family members reading this- if you have any of the apple orchard, send them my way please!! 

When I had kids, I knew I wanted to create holiday traditions and make Fall just as meaningful for them as it was for me. When October rolls around, the fun traditions begin! Check out out our Fall Bucket List- we try to hit as many of these activities as possible each year!

The pumpkin patch

Night Eyes
Our local zoo, Blank Park Zoo, has an annual event called Night Eyes where you get to trick and treat your way through the zoo. Super fun that our whole family enjoys!

Trick or Treating around the neighborhood/Halloween Costumes

Carving pumpkins
Ok, so in our house, we paint pumpkins too. This year, I think we'll throw in some glitter too! :)


There you have it! Our Fall bucket list! Tell me, what are YOUR favorite Fall traditions?! Share in the comments below!