Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap- World Food and Music Fest Edition

I saw this quote on Instagram today and it perfectly summed up my thoughts:

 I mean, how true is this?! 

Anyway, I am happy to report that our weekend went swimmingly and we didn't have any (too many) tears...

On Friday we grabbed pizza from Red Rossa to go and headed home to watch a movie. The girls get a kick out of eating in the basement on TV trays and so that's what we did. Popcorn and M&M's completed our Friday night.

How Saidey watches TV
Saturday morning was slow and easy. After breakfast, we got ready to make a Target run and then come home for lunch and naps. After naps, Sophia and I headed to a birthday party for one of her classmates. We got home in time to pick up Will and Saidey to head to the World Food and Music festival. I wish I would have worn Saidey because fighting the crowd with a double stroller was not too fun. We scouted a spot in the grass, which was nice but then I sent Will for food and he ended up being in line for most of the time. We headed home and got the girls in bed. We wrapped the night up with a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy before heading to bed ourselves.

Saidey loves "helping" push the cart at Target 

My girl :) 

Sunday was a combination of work and laziness. I have grown to love Sundays. We get a lot of stuff done around the house but it's also laid back and lazy. Will took the girls out to the garage/outside while he cleaned out the cars and put the water table away for the winter. I cleaned and worked on laundry and it was great doing it in an empty house. 

You can't tell but she is crying here. And for what you may ask? She was shrieking "BREEEAAD!"
Yea, I was stumped, too.
We look forward to a slow week again and I have to say I'm excited for our Fall shows that are back on this week. GREY's and SCANDAL! WOO HOO! 

Happy Monday all, have a great week!