Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Owning My Crazy

Hey friends! It's Wednesday and I have a new, fun post I found here. It gave me inspiration to think of my own quirks and OWN it. So, here goes nothin! I hope I still have followers after I'm done! :) :)

1. I hoard Bath and Body Works products. I mean- like bottles upon bottles. From years ago. You know those sales- buy 6 for $36- yeaaaa let's just say just because they're on sale, doesn't mean you should!! Can you say, regift?! Naah.. I wouldn't do that to my loved ones but seriously though.. it's a major problem!

2. I ABHOR bananas- yup B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I hate the texture, the sliminess and the little strings that come off- SHUDDER!!! When I give the girls bananas and they get squished and I have to clean it up- GAG. Even writing about bananas and thinking about their texture gives me the heebie jeebies. But get this.. I really love the smell and TASTE of bananas. I know, call me crazy. So, one of my favorite blizzards at DQ is the banana pie blizzard- but when I order- I get it without REAL bananas- only the banana flavoring. Because ya know, the artificial flavoring is real good for ya! Will really loves ordering for me. :)

I mean... can you say "EWWWW"
3. I know every word to most dirty rap songs out there. I can rap to Eminem and Ludacris like noone's business. When I'm driving with the girls, it's all ABC's and Let it Go, but as soon as I drop them off- the Ipod comes on and I turn into a rapper. Hey, what I can say?!

4. When I was at ISU, my roommate and I would drive around campus and honk at people. And then wave at them manically. And yell HIIII like we really knew them. The look on their faces were hysterical- like who was that crazy person and do I know them?! Is it bad to admit that I still get the urge to do this, even to this day?

5. So, I am really letting the crazy hang out now. I talk to myself. I have ever since I can remember. And not like talk to myself when I'm working on something and mutter little things to myself about the process. Oh no. Like have conversations with myself. I remember my mom coming into a room I was in and asking who I was talking to. I've gotten the same question from Will. Anyone still reading this? Or did you all jump ship?

6. I could eat Ramen noodles everyday. No joke.

7. I love to "just look" at houses. I love getting ice cream and then driving around neighborhoods and checking out houses. I also regularly check Zillow, Realtor and Iowa Realty on almost an everyday basis. You know, just to look.

8. I can be SUPER flighty guys. Like lose my keys, lock them in my car, lose my phone, and even my passport. I am still THAT kid who lost her passport leaving the country and almost 8 years later, I still get reminded of this little fact.

9. I am a people pleaser. Bad. I would rather poke my own eye out than make someone feel bad. Even if they probably deserve it. I will be really angry at someone and be all ready to really let them have it but then face to face- my gusto goes away and I feel bad. I feel bad that I could ever be the source of someone's pain even if they have hurt me. I'm the one who apologizes to the delivery pizza guy after he's more than an hour later AND got the order wrong. It's a good but bad trait of mine and some would probably call me crazy for it.

10. Going back to my college days- FRIENDS WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME???! That the stage where I wanted BLONDE hair lights was NOT good. NOT GOOD AT ALL!! Why oh why, didn't someone tell me?!

Can you say "yikes"
11. I hate getting gas. For my car that is. I will wait until the last possible minute to get gas. I am actually really surprised I haven't completely run out and been stranded on the side of the road, in fact. It's something that absolutely drives Will batty. It's just a real inconvenience,- getting gas- ain't no one got time for that! I got places to go and people to see! It's kind of like stopping to go to the bathroom.. another inconvenience in life, in my opinion.

12. I  bite my nails. I know, what a nasty, nasty habit. But I've been doing it since 3rd grade and have never stopped.

13. I smell freshly laundered cloth diapers. Not just sniff. Like deeply inhale. I LOVE it. The fresh smell of Tide, coming right out of the dryer. MMMMMM..

So there you have it, all my crazy in one spot. What are some of your quirks? I know I'm not alone! OWN it with me and share in the comments! HAPPY WEDNESDAY to all my fellow crazies! :)