Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap- Strawberry Shortcake Edition

I'm bringing you the weekend recap a day late... better late than never, right?! The delayed post is a sure sign of a busy weekend. More like whirlwind of a weekend. And I loved every single minute.

It all started off on Friday when Sophia went to the Science Center with my sister. They had a blast! Will's parents were in town around 3 and then his sister got here around 6. 

 And of course, it isn't Friday without pizza night! 

On Saturday, we started getting things ready for Sophia's birthday party. The weather was unpredictable but it turned out to be just fine. It was hot but not excessive and it was partly cloudy. We all had a great time but what made it really great was watching Sophia run around and greet her party guests and have so much fun with everyone.

I mean... can we ever get a family picture of all of us looking at the camera, eyes open, and all smiling?! 

Can we all just please look at Saidey's face in this picture. It describes their sister relationship so well. 
Look at that beautiful five year old! 

I realized too late how few pictures I actually took. I guess that's a sign of how much fun I was having! :) After her party, we headed home and let Sophia open up presents.

After a few games were played, we ate supper and headed over to my mom's new place to swim in the pool. How refreshing after a sweaty, busy day! 

On Sunday, we went to church, ate brunch at Iowa Machine Shed and then had a pretty low key afternoon. 

NOOO Aunt Sara, don't go!!

Then, it was PUPPY TIME! We headed to State Center to pick up Odin. I know it's pretty early to say this, but so far he has been extremely well adjusted. He fits right in and it's like it was just meant to be. He is so sweet and playful and the girls are absolutely, positively in love. Potty training has been going really well, actually and he has been doing really well. During the day, we have a potty pad and he uses that until Will is able to let him out at his lunch time. He did great, except when we left, poor buddy didn't really like that. But the excitement for when we got home was awesome! 
Someone's smitten

Heart melting

Three peas in a pod

Aaaand.. that's a wrap!! To say we're taking advantage of after kid's bedtime is an understatement. It feels so good to veg out and catch up on some good ole' reality TV. Can you say Bachelorette Finale?!

We look forward to a low key week and weekend, without any real plans. Join me back here on Wednesday for WHAT'S UP Wednesday!