Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Sophia Rose


I mean, can you say love at first sight? 

Oh, the day has come. The day that I have been anticipating for a few weeks now. The day my first born, my baby, turns 5. It's a big day. I absolutely can't believe she has been in our lives for 5 years and that I am a mom to a 5 year old!!! A five year old!!! Crazy!! And with that, comes the reminder of time. That time is fleeting. Time flies. As she gets older, so do I.

How can five years seem to have flown by but when I look at newborn pictures of her, those times seem so very long ago? I want to remember each stage and emblazon them to memory. I want to remember her at each stage and every "I love you" and "One more hug, Mommy." Words can't really describe how I feel as she turns another year older. It seems this age, 5, though has a whole different meaning. She will soon go off to Kindergarten and my heart starts beating a little quicker at just the thought of her being in the same building as BIG 5th graders. 

Sophia is growing up to be one of the most insightful, thoughtful, inquisitive, affectionate and kind little girls I've ever known. She may be small but boy does she pack some punch with a BIG personality that is sensitive, strong willed, full of spunk and sass and most of all, one of the biggest hearts ever. I hope those things never change about her. Even the strong willed side.

Sophia is 1! 

Sophia is 2! 

Sophia is 3!

Sophia is FOUR!

Last year, I asked Sophia a set of questions and this year decided to record her answers.. pretty hilarious if I do say so myself ! And to see past birthday posts:

Apparently, her 2nd and 3rd birthday I was taking a hiatus on the blog!