Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Four Things

Happy Wednesday all! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was a busy one for us and we look forward to a short week and long weekend. Not to mention it's only Wednesday and I'm already thinking about the weekend. I was going to do this post last week but as I mentioned before, my dear friend challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone and do this post instead. But I still wanted to do this- I think it's super fun and lets you get to know me! So without further ado- random facts about me!

Four nicknames I've had
Shay C, Shay-Shay, Shay Mama, and Flaca

Four jobs I've had
Expert ice shaver (Tropical Sno), Master Dilly Bar creator (Dairy Queen), lead infant teacher, and substance abuse counselor

Four movies I've watched more than once
She's All That, Green Mile, Frozen, and Pitch Perfect

Four things in my purse
sunglasses, wallet, journal, and EOS chapstick

Four books I'd recommend
Four places I've visited
British Virgin Islands, Spain, Portugal and Jamaica

BVI 2011

Four places to visit on my bucket list
South Korea, Ireland, Italy and Australia

Four of my favorite foods
Pizza, pasta, mexican food, and strawberry pretzel desert

Four TV shows I watch
The Real Housewives, Grey's, Scandal, Big Bang Theory

Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015
SUMMER, Kindergarten, Family Vacations, and redecorating the house