Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What we're eating this week
Crock pot meals! Pinterest has been a lifesaver and given me so many ideas. Here is just one we have enjoyed this week! I realize now I should have taken a picture of the finished product but realized after I ate it all up!

What I'm reading
A great read about friendship, I posted about it here
I highly recommend you go run to your nearest bookstore and purchase it!

I have read books by Liane Morarity but I am probably going to be reading this one next:

What I'm looking forward to
Seeing our family pictures we had taken on Saturday by the fabulous Jennifer Reding Photography. She has seen both of our kiddos grow up essentially so it's always a fun time when we have picture day! 

OH! And a trip to Omaha in May to visit my dear friend, Chelsea! Can't wait to see you! 

What I'm loving
Pinterest Told Me To- A style blog. Seriously, you guys, Sheaffer is amazing and does basically all your shopping for you! She recommends great brands at great prices and gives us a head's up on all the good sales. She is like my own personal shopper! Go check her out!! 

Also, and not surprising, I discovered Native shoes for kids on her blog! I ordered some for the girls and I know they're going to be our go to shoes for the summer.  If you order them from Nordstrom- you get free shipping!! 

What we've been up to
Sprucing up our outdoor space. I am failing at this because I was supposed to take a picture of our porch area and I forgot. And because this is What's up WEDNESDAY you will have to make do with these pictures and use your imaginations.  We still have work to do but it's a start. 

What I'm working on
Teacher appreciation gifts for Sophia's school. It is during the week of May 4-8. Appreciate those hard working teachers, guys! 
And how cute are these? My friend, Kelena showed me these and I really want to make them! 

Picture and recipe from caramelpotatoes.com
What I'm watching
Of course, if you follow this blog you know my love for reality TV but I am also a huge fan of Grey's and Scandal. PS- Who else is on their seat about what happened on Scandal last week?!?! All the feels!! 

What I'm listening to
This probably doesn't necessarily fit into this category but my friend Natalie has been encouraging me to try Beachbody for awhile now. I kept putting it off but decided a few weeks ago to give the On Demand Beachbody a try. I am only on the start of week 2 but WOW!! Let's just say I can't wait to see how the next few weeks and how I will feel because I already am feeling changes. I will keep you all posted on that. :)

What I am annoyed by
 Hmm, where do I start!? No, I'm really ok in this area this month. :) 

What I'm hoping for
 There are some potential, exciting changes coming that I hope pan out. I can't really share them at this moment (sorry, I know I hate when people do that!) but I really hope I can share them with you when/if they happen!

What I'm wearing
Old Navy is seriously KILLING it this Spring. I am most likely wearing something from there- whether it's a top, pants, shoes, or accessories. 
And of course, Wrenn Jewelry.

So, tell me- what's up with you?