Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh hey, Monday- it's you again

Happy Monday, all! I hope you all had a great weekend! It was another great weekend of fun at our house. We started it off with our weekly Friday pizza and movie night. The girls love to make their own personal size pizzas and of course, we have to finish it off with popcorn while we watch a movie in the basement.

Little pizza maker

On Saturday, we helped celebrate Nolan's 5th birthday party and after we got over our fear of putting on bright orange socks, we jumped and jumped and jumped. Sophia was pretty quiet with all the kids but she had fun and once we got home, she couldn't put down the cool Batman favors she got from the party. It was a refreshing break from all things princess and pink. Thanks Nolan and Ashley, we had so much fun! We spent a quiet evening in and finished off the night with a trip to Snookie's.

Jumping in puddles

I can't believe this girl is going to be 5 soon!

"Mom, these socks are ugly and weird." Only Sophia would worry about socks when there are wall to wall trampolines.

On Sunday, Will decided to take Sophia to the movie, Cinderella and so Saidey and I headed to the mall and shopped a little. Saidey and I had a little date at Panera before heading home for a nap. It was so nice to just spend the afternoon with Saidey as we don't get the chance to do so very often. The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up a project I was working on and getting outside to enjoy the sunny weather.
Date at the movie theater!

My shopping and lunch date!

Chalkboard paint layer
First paint layer
Ta-da! The finished product.
Of course, Pinterest was the inspiration for this project. It was surprisingly easy and I didn't mess it up too bad. I say that because it seems as though my paint skills need slight improvement. If you look close enough you can see some spots where I didn't even it out. But hey, that just adds character, right?! Click here for the pin that I followed for directions.  As you can see, the only step I did not do was sandpaper the front. Frankly, I was scared I would mess that part up so I decided to leave it and I still think it looks ok. Overall, I am happy with how they turned out. Thank you to Pinterest once again for helping me attempt to be semi crafty!

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Thanks again to all those that do take the time to read and give me comments and feedback- I really appreciate it!