Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not Everything is Always as it Seems

Since I have been writing a lot more on my blog, I have been reflecting a lot about life in general. Recently, I really have thought about how my career choice says a lot about who I am as a person. When you think about your career choice, how well does it reflect your own beliefs? Personality? Morals and values? Sometimes, those reflections aren't thought of or reflected upon but I feel as though one's career choice says a lot about them and who are they are as a person. Those of us who are in the mental health field or in the human services field in general most likely aren't in it for the big bucks. We do what we do because we have a genuine desire to make other's lives a little better. To make a small difference. One thing that I believe my career choice reflects well about myself is that I am a helper. I am loyal to a T and if I am loyal to you, I've got your back. I also am a giver. I place other's needs and desires before my own. This is quite true to any relationship I am in and sometimes, admittedly it can be to a fault. Sometimes, it is easier to focus outwards than inwards and my career has enabled me to focus all of my energy on helping other's solve their own problems but I also believe that it has allowed me to not face some of my own issues. There have been a lot of dark times that I am just now beginning to deal with. There have been times when I question my own sanity and my own ability to help other's if I in fact, am not helping myself. There have been times when I felt it would probably be beneficial to seek therapy myself for some issues that occurred during childhood and the very stigma (if you go to therapy you are weak or crazy) I try to dispel in my career, I was perpetuating! In the past, I wouldn't dare seek therapy because then that would somehow make me weak or crazy or somehow lessen my credibility as counselor. Thankfully I have come to my senses and know that in order to help others and to be the best mom I can be, that sometimes I have to put me first and it's ok.

My point of this post has sort of gone in the wrong direction but I think the point I am trying to make is that for most of the people that stumble across this blog, they see smiling faces, happy kids, happy parents and a general happy life. And while that is true generally, sometimes pictures only tell half the story. I go through my fair of life struggles, I fight with my husband, I yell at my kids, and my house is a mess at this very moment. Even though I am posting strategies to combat power struggles, I was in one myself this very morning with a feisty four year old. Sometimes, too when people hear what I do for a job, people think "she must have it together," "her kids must be so well behaved." But let me tell you, that is far from the truth.

So, while obviously I like to highlight the positives on my blog as well as always try to find the silver lining, just know that as the title implies, not everything is always as it seems.
Favorite Quote of the Day:

       This little lady was not having the zoo. Or the train ride. A picture I had not posted on the blog of our trip to the zoo but just to show you how pictures only tell half the story.