Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tumble Tots

Sophia went to a tumbling class last weekend and loved it! I was a little nervous because last year we signed her up for a short summer session of dance classes and she didn't even go in the room. She was such a brave girl though and I could tell she was nervous but she sat down with all the other kids and the two teachers and then did all the activities. I was able to sit in the same room so I think that helped a lot. I have begun to notice that she is coming out of her shell more and more as well as not be afraid of new situations as much. This year at the park is so much fun because she just jumps right in, when last year it took her even a minute or two to take it all in and then start to play. 

I look forward to seeing her really play and have fun this summer. We hope to sign her up for some classes- she is doing swimming lessons towards the end of April so hopefully she enjoys that too!