Monday, April 7, 2014


That moment when your child does something in public that is absolutely appalling. Yup, this happened. I have gone almost three whole years with a child and have not yet encountered this moment. I've heard of those stories, of children doing something so horrific in public and mom being so embarrassed and I will admit it- I laughed. But then it happened to me.

We were at the doctor's office, waiting in the lobby and Sophia sneezes. A loud, snotty sneeze. That she catches in her hand because she used her hand to cover her mouth/nose. She pulls her hand away from her mouth/nose area and with it, a string of snot. (Sorry, this is probably TMI but you gotta get the entire picture, here) I say, "Oh my Sophia, let's find a Kleenex!" As I am looking around the lobby for a Kleenex, I look back to my dear daughter who is LICKING her hand!! LICKING it!! I about died. Another mom in that instant, hands me a Kleenex and I died again.

I very calmly reminded Sophia that we use Kleenexes and that licking our hand is yucky while inside I am dying as well as screaming NOOOO don't do that!!!

So there's my story of the day my three year old daughter did something that absolutely horrified me and in public no less.
What mom?!