Friday, November 8, 2013


As you may have figured out, we welcomed Miss Saidey Marie on March 26, 2013. I went into labor late on the 25th and ended up going to the hospital where they decided to do the c-section early. We are all adjusted to being a family of four and had a great summer where Saidey enjoyed her first trip to the iowa state fair and Omaha zoo to name a few! Sophia is proving to be quite the big sister and is so in love with her baby sister. 

Just a little more on each of their milestones-

7 months 
Weighs about 14 pounds and is about 28 inches long.
Sitting up unassisted
Scooting around on belly
Trying solid foods- we are trying baby led weaning and so far so good!
Loves to clap and play peek a boo and pat a cake
Loves watching Sophia. Simply watching

In the three year old room at daycare
Best friend: Mea
Favorite foods: noodles with butter, crackers and peanut butter, corn, yogurt and CHICKEN
Favorite color: pink
Favorite characters: Minnie Mouse, sofia the first,  any princesses
Loves: play dough, arts and crafts, singing and playing dress up

We are looking forward to the holidays as they are coming near- some upcoming things to look forward to: Saidey's baptism and Disney on Ice!