Sunday, February 24, 2013

36 Weeks Here We Come!

We're entering into week 36 and I can't believe that in a little over a month we'll be adding a new little one to our family.

A lot of things have happened since the last time I blogged so here are just the few key points...

How I bribe Sophia to sit on a public potty

Pretty little girl :)
Baby S is moving around like crazy but it seems as though I am carrying her much lower than Sophia as clothes do not fit the same and it's really hard to put on socks/shoes. I also am getting back into the tired stage, I think I have fallen asleep by 9:30 every night this week. It probably doesn't help that on the weekends we have been busy running errands and starting to get things ready for the baby- getting things out of storage, laundry etc.

We decided to schedule a C Section- after doing a lot of research and putting a lot of thought into the decision. It is scheduled for March 26th at 12pm. It has already been moved back once so let's hope it does not get pushed back again. This mama will be ready to eat! :) I am pretty nervous about having surgery though and hope all goes well. I know it will but I still worry. It has been kind of nice to know that I have an end date as well as the experience of this c section will be very much different than with Sophia- with Sophia it was something very unexpected and happened so fast not to mention, I was exhausted.

We also decided to hold off putting our house on the market for now. We were getting pretty stressed with the prospect of selling and potentially moving into a new house with a 2 year old and a newborn. We figured that the baby will be in our room for a little while anyway and then we will be transitioning her into Sophia's room where they will share a room. We are not sure how that will work but I've done some looking around online and most other moms whose toddlers and infants share a room report that it works out quite well actually.

Since we already bought Sophia twin sized bedding we had to coordinate Baby S's bedding as well and have decided to go with a yellow and gray colored theme. Sophia's main color in her bedding is yellow and then it has other light colors as well as a small gray border on it. We are going to repaint their room a light gray and then do one wall yellow. Even though we probably don't need to paint, I thought it was a good way to sort of say this is their new room now and so we're starting fresh again. :)

Sophia is now sleeping in her "big girl" bed and loves it. She is starting to get used to the idea that her old bed is now going to be her baby sister's bed and says that it is her bed and will put toys in it and say they are for her baby sister.

Sophia is talking so much and I swear, each week it seems like she is learning something new or says something that I have never heard her say before. We are working on potty training and we are in big girl underwear now except for sleep times. She has been doing so-so and was pretty hit and miss up until about a week ago. Now, at home, she is doing great and even has sat on the potty when we weren't there and go down to find her sitting on her potty. She still struggles at daycare sometimes, I'm not sure if it's just going on a different potty or just too busy. She stays dry and I think she holds it until naptime but she is still hit and miss to go on the potty there. When we are out in public, she also has a hard time- either it's too late by the time we get to a potty or she gets into the bathroom and says she doesn't want to sit on that potty.   She also is a little startled at the automatic flushers in some bathrooms.