Wednesday, December 26, 2012


William's best attempt at a smile. He really does like me. I think.

Silly cousins! And Warren is thinking, "Crazy girls."

Mommy's girl :)

Our little cutie

What a ham

Santa and Sophia

Riding her new "gooter" from Aunt Sara

Sophia's new train!

Merry Christmas from Sophia

27 weeks!

So. I just spent about 30 minutes updating my blog with a nice summary of our Christmas holiday. And then this pregnant brain deleted the post. Thus, forcing me to start all over. So, unfortunately, for all of you, you get a very very brief telling of updates in the Scholtes household:

Big Storm: last Wednesday bringing Will's parents here early
Snow Day: last Thursday, resulting in postponement of graduation ceremony
Friday: Aunt Sara's arrival
Saturday: Christmas with Scholtes family
Sunday: Church and Santa
Monday: Christmas Eve with Lee's
Tuesday: Christmas day with Lee's and rest of day relaxing and playing with new toys

27 weeks along- very uncomfortable, certain positions- can't breathe
27 week appointment- tomorrow (Thursday) glucose screen and ultrasound, will provide updates tomorrow

Like I said, I had this very nicely written out until I deleted it so this is what you get folks! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family as we did! :)