Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween and 19 Weeks

This past week we celebrated Halloween and I'm also now in my 19th week. Sophia had a blast going Trick or Treat around our neighborhood. At first, she was a little unsure but as we got to more and more houses, she began to get the hang of it. She began saying TRICK OR TREAT and would hold her bucket out or get to choose one all on her own. We were going to go out to Jordan Creek to trick or treat on Wednesday night but when we got home little Miss Sophia didn't want to change so we decided not to go and had a quiet night instead.

On Thursday, I had my 19 week ob appointment. Everything is going well- heart rate was lower, Dr. thought it was around 128. Scheduled an U/S for November 27th at noon where we will be finding out measurements and all that good stuff. As much as I'm excited to make sure baby is well and healthy, we're really excited to find out the sex. I am not very patient for those that know me well so the wait is a little daunting. :)

Happy Halloween 2012

Our sweet monkey girl

Aunt "Bookin" and Sophia

Grandma and Sophia cheesin!
Had a really relaxing weekend, didn't do much at all! Cleaned and did laundry and that's about it! Sophia did well with the time change and slept until 9AM (8AM with the time change). She seemed tired earlier and wanted to eat supper a little early but other than that did well with it. We look forward to another busy week!