Friday, April 29, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

Exploring in the kitchen! (With one sock)

I forgot to post what Sophia is up to these days, what with turning the big 9 months and all! :)

* Drinking 6 oz/4 hours
*Eating breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack at daycare
*AM nap and PM nap
*7:30 bedtime, wake up at 5:45 am or b/w 6-7 on weekends
*Crawling everywhere!
*Pulling self up and starting to cruise along furniture
*Making silly noises using her hand and mouth and clicking her tongue

These are just a few newer tricks she has come up with but she is still as silly as ever, dancing and bouncing whenever we sing or hear music! She also is a ham for the camera and we're always smiling and giggling with her!

Last night upon bringing her home from daycare, as I was getting her out of her carseat, she vomited everywhere! It was mostly clear and a few pieces of whole green beans came out but it wasn't a huge amount so I wondered if she just didn't get too full or something just upset her tummy a little. She didn't feel warm and she was in a great mood, crawling around and giggling right after. I waited a little while and decided to give her some supper. Well, wasn't that the WRONG thing to do! It wasn't 5 minutes later after she had finished almost 1 jar of food and some crackers did everything come right back up! Needless to say we had a huge mess all over the both of us, as well as all over the floor and high chair! I called the nurse and she said she probably had some viral bug that's been going on and it could last up to 5 days. Now, I know this is probably bad but the first thing that popped into my head was, " Really, this had to happen over the weekend?" It seems as though if anything bad happens with her health it happens over the weekend- ugh. But, pushing that thought away, we got to business cleaning up and just watching over her. She seemed to be in a great mood still and we were told to just do small amounts of liquid over a period of an hour until she got back up to her usual amount. We also are holding off on giving her any food for right now. She did well with 3 ounces of formula and went to bed.

So far today, she has held everything in. We even did a few oyster crackers and water tonight. She seems to be just fine and so we're thinking she either ate something that didn't agree with her or she got a little bit of a bug. We're hoping she is well as we're headed to Marshalltown tomorrow for Brooklyn's prom as long as she is still feeling well. I have a hair cut in the am, then FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER and I get a new phone! I am so ready to throw out that darn Blackberry-GRR! So many headaches with that thing! I am thinking of getting the Iphone, so we'll see! :) After that, we're headed to Marshalltown for the night. We return home Sunday, when Will's parents will be here. We both took off Monday and Sophia has her 9 mo. check up and so it will be a long weekend and nice day off to spend with Sophia and Gma and Gpa Scholtes! :) Have a great weekend everyone! Will report how big our petite babe weighs on Monday! :)