Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Merry!

What a crazy, fun week/weekend its been! We started off by meeting Aunt Sara for the first time ever! We then attended Daddy's graduation ceremony and then Sophia got to stay home with Aunt Sara for the entire week while Will and I went to work. Will's parents decided to come early, on Wednesday, to beat the snow. We had a fun but busy week and were glad to see Thursday. Friday we did a little shopping and went out to eat for lunch and then went to church that night. It was a wonderful service and the church was decorated beautifully. Saturday we all woke up and had some yummy breakfast and started cooking Christmas dinner. My family came and we all just hung out and ate some snacks until the real deal was ready. We sat down to a yummy ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, and rolls. We then proceeded to open gifts, and I must say Sophia made out pretty darn good! :) What a wonderful Christmas day spent with family! On Sunday, Sophia got baptized so that was a pretty special occasion and we had a bit more family come to our house for lunch after that.

Sophia has her first ear infection and yucky cold too. We took her to the Dr on Wednesday afternoon because of her hoarse cough and it turns out she was getting the start of an ear infection so she is on antibiotics. We are glad we caught it when we did but she proceeded to get a little bit more fussy as usual as the week went on. She was a little off her routine with all the extra family here but she had a great time and was super spoiled all week. Her teachers may be a little frustrated with her tomorrow. :)

Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as we sure did- it was wonderful sharing it with all our family and mostly with our little one!