Sunday, December 12, 2010

BRRR!! Winter Has Arrived!

WHEW! I think winter has officially arrived! It sure has been a cold but very productive weekend! On Friday Sophia and I got out in the nice weather to go to a dr's appointment and then meet Grandma Lee for some shopping. Then Will and I headed out for dinner and came home and relaxed. On Saturday we had a Xmas gathering at Will's work for all the kids- they had Santa come in and gave each child a present- a very great program they have! We then had family pics and they turned out great! We ventured out into the blizzard conditions for supper and then ran back home to stay warm! Today was the most productive day- we all were awake by 7:30 to start cleaning and then we headed out to get groceries and other necessities. We came back to clean all our carpets, rearranged the living room, hung pictures up, and painted the trim in our basement- a thing that has been on our to-do list since we painted in May. So, I would say we had a very productive day! I have tomorrow off so Sophia and I get a nice four day weekend- we plan to be lazy and stay in our jammies all day! Although, I do have a final project that I need to finish while Sophia snoozes.

Sophia has been talking and talking and rolling over like crazy! She is changing so fast- I can't believe she'll be 5 months already this month! We are getting ready for some busy but fun weekends coming up, Sophia will get to meet her Aunt Sara FINALLY and then we have to prepare for Xmas and family coming and then Sophia's baptism is the Sunday after Xmas- it will 2011 before we know it!!