Tuesday, July 13, 2010

39 Weeks and the Light Can Be Seen!

We are at 39 weeks now and are getting oh so ready for this adventure to end and THE new one to begin. Had our 39 wk. appt. on Monday, still 2 cm dilated but am 60% effaced now. She said she could feel the head and that she definitely is dropped. If I don't go into labor by next Tuesday, my due date, I have an appt. for that day, we'll do a non stress test, an ultrasound to measure her weight and check the fluid, then we'll be scheduling an induction. I am really hoping that I'll go on my own but I have a feeling that by next week or so I'll be ready for anything. Someone told me today to do squats every night, so I started doing a few here and there tonight. We'll see! :)

Been feeling ok still, I've been having very frequent BH (braxton hicks) and a few have gotten a little painful but nothing too bad yet. Sleep is a little iffy as every movement wakes me up and I seem to move an awful lot, trying to find a comfy position.

Maybe the next time I post will be to announce our little arrival! :)