Monday, July 5, 2010

38 Weeks

We made it to 38 weeks-wow! Can't believe we have just 2 weeks left- if I haven't gone yet by my due date, we're going to be induced the following week, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend was fun and relaxing although not the weekend getaway we had hoped for. We did go shopping at Williamsburg and found tons of great deals at the Carter outlet and other stores. We stocked up on basics in bigger sizes so we should be set for a little while- hopefully!! :)

I got both my bag and Baby S' bag packed and ready for the hospital so when the time comes we are all prepared. Will showed me how to install the base for the carseat in the car so when I need to I know how to do it. We just left it there so all we need is the carseat and the baby! :)

I've been feeling ok, quite large and uncoordinated though. I've been having several braxton hick contractions throughout the day and for some reason they get worse and more frequent at night. They don't exactly hurt, they are just really uncomfortable and very tight but once I get up a little and move around they go away pretty quickly. I have started to get a few small stretch marks which sort of bummed me out but I knew would probably happen. I am getting to the point where I am SOOO ready to shop for regular sized clothes and be able to fit into my old clothes again. I have been wearing my bella band, a maternity cami and a shirt and I am growing tired of wearing all the layers! I know it will be awhile before the baby weight goes away but I'll be waiting anxiously and I believe a shopping trip may have to be in order! :)

Because of the holidays I can't get into my Dr. for my 38 week appt, so I have to wait until next Monday, the 12th. Hopefully we make some more progress and are even closer to meeting our little one!