Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby S' Adventurous Weekend!

Well, Baby S was in her first car accident on Friday. I was headed for a haircut and dr's appointment when I was turning left and a lady ran through a red light, hitting the driver's side rear door, spinning me all the way around. It was very scary and all I could think of was Baby S' well being. The good thing to know is that there are very good Samaritans out there who stopped and called 911 and informed them I was pregnant. A nurse stopped and sat in the car with me, took my pulse and stayed with me until the ambulance got there and talked to the EMT for me. Since I had an OB appointment at 11 and the EMT checked all my vitals and they were good, they thought it was ok for me to just head there and inform my Dr. of the accident. We called and asked if we could come in early and were told that we needed to go to Mercy Hospital for fetal monitoring. So as soon as we were released we headed to hospital. The good thing is that shortly after I felt her moving and that made me feel a lot better. Her heartbeat was good and so they just monitored me for about an hour and half and then I had to have an ultrasound, which was actually kind of exciting! We got to see her again and verify that she is in fact, a girl! She was being pretty stubborn though, not showing her face and the sonographer was getting a little frustrated and told us we may have a little booger on our hands! :) She is weighing 1.8 lbs and measuring at exactly 25 weeks. That was all that mattered, that she was well. I am feeling pretty good too, my neck and back were really sore Friday night and after icing it, by this afternoon I am feeling fine. A little stiff but am thankful it was nothing worse and that Baby S is well and kicking like crazy as usual!

Our poor car unfortunately at the time is sitting at an impound pending insurance companies and figuring  out all that fun stuff out. It is not drivable and had to be flat bedded away. The rear driver's side door is completely crushed in and then pushed up, and the tire is bent, we're thinking the rear axle is pretty damaged as well as possible frame damage. We have an interesting week with dealing with insurance companies, so wish us luck!