Sunday, April 11, 2010

26 Weeks

26th week here we come! I can't believe we are almost at the end of the 2nd trimester already and getting close to the 3rd! WOW! Has time flown! Part of me is getting anxious and excited, so ready for her to be here, but at the same time, it reminds me how fast times goes and that I need to enjoy my pregnancy and not hurry things along. It is scary though how fast time has gone and how fast the first year of her life will go. I see the infants in my room grow SO fast and think how little their parents get to see them and how I probably see them more than they do. We have started looking at centers and so far have found two that we really, really like. One is NAEYC accredited and has the Quality Rating System of 5 stars. The bad thing is that they are a bit out of our way and not very convenient for where either of us work. The other center is right across the street from my work but isn't accredited. They do have similar policies and when touring I felt like I could see ourselves being apart of that center. The good thing is that we have a few options and we are still planning on touring a few others here in the next month or so.

We went bedding shopping this weekend and decided to get the bedding shown in one of my previous blogs. We also got paint card samples so we have to decide what and where and how we're going to paint and with what colors. Grandma Lee is coming sometime in May to help us with that! Our friends Brian and Sarah gave us their Diaper Genie and a bouncer seat so that is pretty nice that we can check those few things off our list. Next up is registering and really getting the rest of Baby S' nursery furniture!

We also went car shopping this weekend as the insurance company decided to total our car. :( Our poor car. The good side though, is that we're going to probably look for a small SUV, so we've found a few options and are just waiting on the insurance company for the $$ and then figure out what we want and go for it.

Have my glucose screening and check up this Friday so hopefully I'll actually make it to this appointment! :)