Sunday, March 21, 2010

BIG S little s, What Begins with S?

This weekend was a pretty low key one for the Scholtes family. We caught up on cleaning, homework, and laundry. On Saturday we did venture out to the bookstore and bought some books to start reading to Baby S. We got Dr. Seuss' ABC book, Goodnight Moon, Pajama Time, and Snuggle Puppy. Reading is very important to me and I want Baby S to also develop a love for reading, so we plan to read to Baby S every night before bed. Last night Will read Goodnight Moon to her and I read the others. I have encouraged Will to start talking to Baby S and read to her so she can hear his voice too. We also got him a set of books to read on his own and he actually brought one up and read it before going to bed!

We are also all signed up for all the classes we wanted to take through Mercy Hospital. We're taking Baby Basics, Breastfeeding, and of course, the birthing classes. We start the birthing class already in May! Can't believe that! We'll be done by mid June, so right on time! We'll be pretty busy this Spring and into early Summer, with all these baby classes along with summer classes in May starting up for me. By mid June though, I will be done with classes and ready to prepare for Baby S' arrival!