Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekened Recap: Donut Grow Up Birthday Party

Hey hey friends!! Happy Monday! I'm doing a weekend recap which I haven't done in a really long time! We had a fun filled weekend and probably need a day just to recover but alas, we woke up, and are back to the daily grind of the week!
I had Friday off which was nice as we had a bunch of errands to run. Sophia and I ran to Target, Old Navy, Office, Depot, and Party City in the rain and sleet. It was SO cold and gloomy. We met Will for lunch and then Sophia spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and I worked on laundry and cleaned a little. Friday night, I had a session at my office and then Will and I grabbed supper when I got home.

I had to wake up bright and early on Saturday as I had an 8:30 session. I worked until around 11 and then headed home. The girls were ready for St. Patrick's day and we headed downtown for the parade. It was FREEZING and we only stayed about an hour. But the girls got some candy and beads and had fun.


We stopped for a late lunch and had appetizers and warmed our fingers and toes up. We ran to the grocery store to get a few things before heading home.

Will's parents were there when we got there and after some catching up, Will and I decided to head out for dinner, just the two of us. We had a few errands to run first then tried a new spot for dinner. Local peeps- we went to Firebirds out by Jordan Creek. The overall ambiance was great and the food was yummy too! I'd definitely recommend it!

 We all woke up Sunday morning and headed to church. After church, we ate brunch and then got ready to leave for Saidey's party.

The birthday girl ready to party!
After we decided on a donut theme for her party this year, we checked into Krispy Kreme for having her party there. Unfortunately, our Krispy Kreme does not do birthday parties and we had to go to Plan B. Will's sister suggested HyVee and what a brilliant idea that was!! After a few emails, we had a plan set. Locals- check out the HyVee on Mills Civic, they have a spot called the Clubroom that you can rent for small events. It was truly convenient and Jessica, the club manager was so helpful and friendly. With one brief meeting and a few emails, we had food, drink, cake, donuts, and balloons ordered. It was all set up when we got there, all we had to bring was extra decorations if we wanted them and colored tablecloths. That was it!!
We had a staff member there who helped the entire time, including pick up. We had two grocery carts for gifts and leftover food and cake that we could use to take everything down to our car at the end. I would highly, highly recommend anyone to check it out- they said they do bridal showers, baby showers, etc.. It does seem like they book up pretty well in advance, I emailed the manager in mid February and the date we wanted was already booked, which is why we had to have her party more than a week early. The next weekend would have been Easter and we thought the next weekend would have been too far out. I'd suggest the earlier you can book, the better .
We had a BLAST at the party- we invited 30 kids and about 15 showed up. It was a great number to have, I'm not sure what we would have done if more showed up haha.

The room:
Gift table

Cute sign from: What's Your Sign Designs (DSM peeps- she's a local gal and has such cute signs!)



Donut decorating
We had the tables broken up more but when the kids started coming, they all wanted to sit next to each other, so we moved the tables all together!

The kids each got to decorate two cake donuts and put them in to go containers to take home. Some of them enjoyed them before they made it into the containers though. =) Everyone wore a donut shoppe hat and it was super cute and fun!


Donut bakers in the making!

Photo booth

I saw the cutest photo booth idea and wanted to do the same but since it had to be hung using tape, I feared it would take the paint off the walls. It was basically a wall that they had hung colorful paper plates on- to make a back drop for a photo booth! So colorful and cute but we just did a plain wall and it worked fine!!

The kids LOVED the props and had so much fun taking pics. Parents even got in on the fun!


We took a picture of each kiddo with Saidey on our Instax camera and then they got to take them home! So fun!
Playing Donut Bingo!
Opening presents!

Cake time! HyVee did a wonderful job on her cake!

Being silly!

We made it home, full of cake and fun!
I think it's safe to say Saidey had a blast at her donut birthday party!! And the fun is just beginning- her actual birthday isn't until next Monday! It will be low key- we're just going out to eat with my mom and doing cupcakes and she'll open a few presents from us.
We have a week full of work, church activities, and gymnastics and then the girls are going to spend the night at my mom's so that Will and I can get some stuff done and have (another!!) date night (it's a record!!)
Have a great week everybody!! I hope to have a post done for Friday about what I've been eyeing for Spring!