Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Helloooo friends!! It's officially DECEMBER and that means it's time to share some of my gift ideas for little girls. These are things that we are going to purchase or have already! I am happy to say that we are about 75% done with our Christmas shopping for the girls already! (all the praise hands!!) 

Stocking Stuffers

My favorite thing to buy around this time of the year are stocking stuffers! I'm not sure why but it's just so fun for me!! 

This is what we are filling the girls' stockings with this year: 

This unique play dough caught my eye on Instagram and I instantly hopped over to their website to check it out more. I fell in love with the whimsy of their website and how their play dough is made from food ingredients. How cute are they? And if they smell as good as they say, I'm sold for sure!!

We got grape, cotton candy, vanilla, orangesicle, mint chip, and bubble gum

They also have seasonal ones, like gingerbread! 

My girls LOVE Hatchimals and these are so cute! They are on sale right now at Target! 

My girls (particularly Sophia) have really been into collecting keychains.. these ones from Target are just so dang cute!! 

Sophia is getting the unicorn one 

And for Saidey

We always throw in socks or underwear too and these socks are just so cute!! 

Sophia is getting the  emoji ones

I thought this  wallet was also so cute!! I got one for both girls

These are always fun too!! 

I also will throw in a few pieces of candy (the candy cane shaped ones with candy in them) and I am also going to get them the supplies to make slime and put that in their stockings too! 

I always put in a few books too, I haven't gotten those yet!

Now onto the other fun stuff! 

Sophia has a salon chair for her 18' dolls but none of the accessories (she got it as a hand-me down) So, I found this set at Target and thought she'd love it! 

When Target had their deal on board games, I picked  this game up for Sophia 

I thought  this game looked fun for Saidey and the whole family

And then this one is for both of them but is no longer available at Target (sorry for the cruddy picture) 

American Girl was having a great sale on some select Wellie Wisher items. I scored these three things for Saidey while they were more than half off! 

So, this next purchase was one of the first ones we made and it was an impulsive one.. We saw ONE left on the shelf at Target when we were with Sophia and she picked it up and hugged it and squealed with delight. I had NO idea what it was and looked it up online that night. Will went back to Target and it was GONE. We found one on Amazon for the same price-- the one I am linking to is NOT what we paid! I read an article on Facebook that people are super disappointed in the toy itself. Part of me wants to send it back BUT at the same time, I think SHE will be happy with it so we're keeping it. 

We are ALWAYS snuggling in the family room for movie nights so I've been on the hunt for some sort of light sleeping bag/mat thing. I FINALLY found what I was looking for. This sleeping bag from The Land of Nod is so cute and it can be rolled up easily, which I really liked! I got the girls the exact same one and had them personalized with their names.

For both: 

So, there you have it!! I'd love to hear what your kiddos are getting!! Share below!!