Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Three Things

I thought it would be a good time to do another "Three Things" post. I've been slacking on the blog lately, guys. I just haven't been feeling like coming up with posts, writing the posts, taking pictures for the posts, and then actually creating the posts- so I haven't. I read a blog post from another blogger a few weeks ago about the direction of blogging and my new philosophy is that I will listen to my gut and do what I want to do regardless if that means I skip a week, or a month. ANYWAY, I felt the itch to do this post, so here I am! I got this post idea from Andrea at Momfessionals- one of the blogs I check out every day! 

Saidey is all about bodily functions right now. Much to my dismay, she asks loudly, in public and otherwise, "Who tooted?" And then laughs hysterically. More often than not, no one actually tooted, she just finds joy in asking the question and then laughing.

Saidey has always been a mama's girl slightly but it seems in the last few weeks, this has really amped up. Everything from helping her get ready for bed to taking her to school- it's all mama, mama, mama. Poor WM. But really, poor mama, too. I love the girl but it would be nice to not hear her crying for me when she is supposed to be getting ready for bed and WM is trying to help her....But, this too shall pass, right?

It's starting to get warm here and that's a good thing because this girl is made to live in WARM weather. We have a fight almost every morning on what she is going to wear, even though we pick her clothes out together in the evenings. She doesn't want to wear sleeves, pants or socks. I am SO ready for warm weather when I don't have to fight her on this anymore.

This girl has made a HUGE jump in her reading. She's always been on target with her reading but it seems in the last few months- it all just clicked for her and she is reading every box, sign, and label there is. Her fluency and flow in reading has also grown tremendously and her confidence with reading has increased so much in the last two months. 

She also loves writing (does she take after her mama, or what?!) and her teacher has noticed that she loves writing stories and completing her journal entries. 

Her teacher also said that she has seen Sophia take a lead in the class and helps people get along. She told us that she helps her classmates work well together during group projects and that she is getting more confident to share her ideas and thoughts in a group setting. Mama heart bursting. 

Will is thisclose to graduating from his graduate program and we are planning a little getaway somewhere, soon

My private practice is off to a s l o o o o o w start but that's ok. I'm trying not to get discouraged but with insurance companies, etc. it just hasn't taken off. I have gotten several calls about possible clients but the follow through has been poor. I'm thankful that I knew going in that it might be slow and knowing that I still have a FT job does give me some peace. But paying rent at a place that I'm not making money at is a little nerve wracking. So, send me your best wishes! =)

We ordered outdoor furniture last weekend and it should be here end of the week! It felt a little ironic to be ordering outdoor furniture as snow fell outside, but hey, you'll have that in Iowa! We ordered a picnic style table and a four piece set that includes a loveseat, two chairs and a table. We are so excited to get it put together in time for the weather to start getting warm (hopefully, you never know Iowa weather!) We anticipate spending lots of time outdoors this Summer!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Wednesday!