Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

I've somehow fallen off the blogging train and my weekend recaps happen less and less. So, I thought what the heck and threw one together at last minute. 

Our weekend was nice and slow without any real plans. The next few weekends that will change so we're soaking it up for right now. 

We got home Friday night, ready to settle in and have Friday night pizza night and watch the Trolls. We realized that we left Saidey's blanket at daycare. Oh the horror. Seriously guys. This was her face when she finally grasped that we left it at school and could not get it until Monday. I know it was probably mean to take a picture when her world was ending but I just couldn't stop myself. All was well when we headed upstairs to find a suitable replacement. But she did not forget the entire weekend that we forgot her blanket. #momfail

We watched Trolls and the girls had pepperoni pizza and Will and I had taco pizza from Casey's- YUMMO! 

The girls thought it would be a good idea to wake up at the wee crack of dawn (ok, 6:30) and so we let them watch cartoons while we tried to get a little more rest. 

Once we arose from our slumber, we headed downstairs for breakfast and MORE TROLLS. We had an Office Depot and DSW run to do and so we got ready to go! 

She has been LOVING getting her dolls dressed and today- TWINNING! 

Saturday's weather was GLORIOUS! Is it really only February!? At any rate, a trip to Starbucks was in order! 

 Strawberry refresher with almond milk! My go to drink! 

We ran to my mom's and hung out for a bit and then stopped at an awesome BBQ place that's a little hole in the wall. Their mac and cheese? So good and creamy! And the BEST cornbread topped with honey.. Yes MA'AM! 

We had a quiet rest of the day, ending the night with Walking Dead. Have you guys seen it? For some reason, we are just now getting into it and started Season 3 this weekend. 

On Sunday we played hooky from church and we all slept in. (Oops). We got ready after sending Will on a donut run and then got ready for a Target run.

Ready for TARGET! 

Once we got home, we started working on Valentine's! 


And then the girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing

Sophia loves her Lego's too. We have a permanent spot set up in our dining room of a table for just Lego's. We set it up one weekend and haven't taken it down. 

I'm not sure why we thought we needed to move- the girls have their own bedrooms now and a playroom in the basement and still seem to play in anywhere BUT those areas. 

Will had to go into work for a few hours so it was just the girls and me. We cleaned out the fridge for dinner and ran to Dairy Queen for a treat. We ran home and it was baths, books and bed. I settled in for the night and watched the Grammy's. By 10:30 though, I had to hit the sack. 

We have a fun week- tomorrow, of course is Valentine's Day- I took the afternoon off to help at Sophia's party and then we're going to have a special family Valentine's dinner. On Saturday, Sophia starts piano lessons and is so excited! I can't wait for her to begin learning and playing! 

Happy Monday all!