Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birthday Weekend Recap (And some exciting news!)

Hey guys! We celebrated Sophia's SIXTH birthday on Saturday. She flamingoed and swam and had so much fun with family and friends! We truly have some of the best family around- some hosted the party at their pool and helped get decorations, others came from 6 or 7 hours away and some helped with ensuring no one drowned and everyone was safe while swimming. AMAZING family! We are truly beyond blessed.

So I'll quit babbling and just get on with it... here are the pics of the party. I don't have a lot as most of the time we were in the pool. 


Ready to party!

We're missing a little lady in this picture... 



Again, THANK YOU to everyone who made it the party and helped us celebrate Sophia. She had such a fun time!

We have been sitting on some exciting news but just haven't shared it publicly yet. After a lot (like 3 years) of deliberation and consideration we decided to sell our townhome! It officially went on the market yesterday! We are so excited about this but with returning from Italy, planning a birthday party and getting a house ready to sell- things have been a little crazy around here. We are trying our best to maintain a routine for the kiddos as much as possible with showings (we've had two and one scheduled already!) and going to see homes as well. For those who know me, know that this is a BIG decision for me! I'm not a HUGE fan of change and this is a BIG change for our family. 

We love our townhome but are missing a backyard area and 3rd bedroom. We hope to find a home that is comparable to ours but with those main features. Wish us luck! =) 

Soooo, if anyone knows anyone who is looking for an amazing townhome in an even more amazing location- share this link with them! =)