Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals

April?? Hello? April? Where did you go April? 

This is what I'm feeling right now. I'm not sure where April went. Last I knew we were in February and now we have a month of school left and I'm going to have a 1st grader and how can this be?! WAAAH. Ok, sorry, went off on a tangent there. 

If you've been following this blog for any time, you'll know that this year I've taken a few weeks off the blog here and there. I haven't done a monthly goals post in a LONG TIME. So, new month, new start. Here goes.

1.) Teacher appreciation gifts and end of the year gifts
Did you know it's Teacher Appreciation week this week? Don't forget your teachers this week guys, they do amazing work that I can't even begin to understand. Sophia's teacher this year- hands down- amazing. She was an amazing teacher for Sophia's Kindergarten year- so calm, caring, and nurturing but also encouraging  and firm and we've seen Sophia's confidence both socially and academically SKYROCKET. I am confident in saying a lot of this has to do with her teacher. 

Check out my Pinterest board- Teacher Gifts for ideas 

2.) Family picture ready
I love family pictures and I actually love coordinating outfits for everyone. But this year, we're adding my sister, mom and step dad, too which brings outfit planning onto a new level. At least I have two other ladies to help me out! I can't wait for Jennifer Reding to take some pics later this month!

3.) Organizing winter clothes/clothes overhaul
I have the girls' Winter stuff mostly sorted out and their closet is mostly transitioned to Spring/Summer clothes. Now, the task is sorting those out and organizing them either to donate, sell or put in storage. I also would like to go through my closet and pull out things that haven't seen daylight in a while to give away. 

4.) No spend month
It's time for another no spend month. If you remember, I did this last year, around this time. I tried (tried being the operative word) for 30 days to not spend money on anything extra (clothes, shoes, jewelry, nail polish, Target One Spot). It simply made me more mindful of my purchases and question if it was a need vs. want. Also, I was held accountable by my husband when I tried to talk a want into a need. 

Ok, so there are my MAY goals. Thanks for joining me today! 

Have a good one!