Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Days Go By Slow

Saidey's third birthday is approaching quickly- T- 6 days. Birthdays have always been so bittersweet for me. It's a time that I reminisce and cry into my adult blankie not believing how fast the past year has gone and questioning "Where did my baby go?!" (insert sobbing emoji). 

The soon to be three year old cooking

Before I had kids, I would always hear people say, "The years go by so fast, they grow up SO fast." I always thought; yea, yea, whatever, as I waved them off politely. But it is. so. true. Even though the days sometimes felt slow, especially when you're knee deep in the 3rd night of no sleep, someone is crying or needing you RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and it feels like these days will never end. But they do and before you know it, your suckling, sweet, nursing infant is a running maniac, squishing mashed potatoes through her fingers and eventually hair, THREE year old and you wonder to yourself, "Where did the time go?" Or when that three year old is now about to be SIX and says, "I don't need help anymore, MOM." {looks around to see who this "mom" person is} Oh.. wait.

And if you're like me, you're crying sobbing on the inside. And you may or may not have asked begged and pleaded that soon to be three year old to please not grow up? And be mommy's baby forever? Pretty please? But then your three year old pokes her head in the door and as she runs by to catch up to her big sister, says "I love you Mommy." Or, she finally gets all the pieces of a puzzle put together that she has been trying to master for months. Or, she starts to pick out her clothes, dress herself and wait for it... go potty by herself! (Granted, needs help with the wiping department once in awhile) So, although the days leading up to the birthdays make this mama a blubbering mess, this mama is also so excited at what the next year will bring. The growing, the learning, and the feeling that I couldn't love this little girl more, but then I do. 

And now, I leave you with this: and if you don't cry with me, I just don't know who you are. ;)

Happy Monday, all! Enjoy the week!