Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Birthday Letter


You are turning three tomorrow. You have brought such light and joy to our lives and I couldn't imagine a life where there wasn't a smiling Saidey in it. (Or your blanket). You are seriously rambunctious, light hearted, ultimately mischievous and one of the best snugglers I've ever known.

You've been coming into our room at night since you were around 18 months old and you would stand at the edge of the bed, clutching your blanket, raising your arms up to be picked up, patiently waiting for me to clumsily wake up and bring you to bed with me. Every day still, without fail, you come in, clutching your blanket. I throw you over the edge of the bed, move over and drift back to asleep again with my arms wrapped around you, kissing your sweet cheeks or forehead. Of course, you are already falling back to sleep. I wake in the morning, sometimes with a foot on my head or an elbow in my ribs and am all but falling out of the bed because you've taken over my spot, I STILL wouldn't change it for the world.

You adore your sister and praise the ground she walks on. You follow her around, want whatever she wants and let her boss you around. She is your idol. But don't worry- you are your own unique individual and you let us know it. You have an opinion about everything and will let your voice be heard if you feel something is unjust. Please don't let that part of you change.

You are a go getter, unafraid of dangers like falling or high countertops. You will see something high and figure out a way to get to it. You will tinker around and manage to get yourself on the counter, a dresser or even in a sink to wash your feet. You love messes and think life's better when it involves anything you can mash between your fingers, smearing it on the table, your hair and clothes, or the carpet.

You, my girl are growing so fast and I can just feel those baby years slipping away from me. But, the more I see you grow and change, the more excited I am to see what life has in store for you- or in your case, what YOU have in store for it.

Love always,