Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I've officially decided that I could write a general Weekend Recap post for EVERY weekend because our weekends are beginning to look verrrry similar...

Friday night pizza night
Gilmore Girls

Annnnnd repeat.

End post.

Haha just kidding, you thought I'd let you off that easy huh?! 


The only changes I would make to the above list would be that on Friday, I was honored to be the guest reader at Sophia's school. We ended up choosing "Going on a Lion Hunt" Sophia was SO excited and when I reminded her to calm down, she replied, "I'm just so excited, mom!" I ended up staying while she played outside with her friends for recess and then we headed to Target to pick up a birthday gift for one of her classmates. See there's that T word again! I was actually quite proud of us, we went in, grabbed the present and made it back out in 15 minutes! We picked up Saidey and headed to Will's work to visit Santa.

The girls ran right up and sat on his lap, even Saidey, who if you remember, wouldn't even look at him last time. They each got a present and snacks. The girls love visiting Will at his work:

Saturday morning, Sophia got up and got ready for a 9AM birthday party. Have I mentioned that we woke up on a Saturday to be surrounded by 5 and 6 year olds at 9AM? Sophia had a blast obviously.

We had a quiet Saturday afternoon before heading to get Bruno (my mom's pup) a birthday present. We delivered the present and headed home for a quick dinner. We sent the girls up a little earlier than normal (for a weekend) and stayed up waaaay too late binge watching Gilmore Girls. 

We woke up on Sunday to head to brunch with my mom, Robert, sister and her roommate. Full bellies and we headed back home to lounge on the couch. PS- Why didn't anyone think to get pics! Darn it! 

Of course, Monday came way to quickly but I can excitedly say that NEXT WEEK IS CHRISTMAS!! I am so excited! The girls and I have been counting down the days and every day Sophia has to ask "Mom, help me count the stars!" on our Advent calendar.

Peppermint sure was in a silly mood yesterday:

Somebody wasn't too amused. The other one... amused. Perfect representation of their personalities. 

Yesterday (Monday) Sophia came home singing a song she learned from school. Ironically, it's about Hanukkah, so she has been informing us about lots of facts about Hanukkah. Like it ended on Sunday. And you light candles. And one of her friends celebrate Hanukkah and it's so neat mom. 

Have a great week!!