Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap- It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello Monday! Even though it's a dreary day, I am running on an "it's almost Christmas" rush! This week at work is busy but it makes it go that much faster! This weekend was super busy as we finished up on a few last minute errands and getting the house ready for Christmas guests! 

Friday was slow as we had our Friday Night Pizza Night and watched some Christmas movies on Netflix. 

We got up on Saturday and the girls decided they wanted pancakes and Sophia requested her name so I put my skills to work and each girl got pancakes in the shape of their name. 

We got showered and dressed to head out and run some errands. 

I had to go to Michael's to pick up some wrapping items for Sophia's teacher gifts. It wasn't as busy as expected and the girls picked out some cookie cutters too. 

We headed to the mall and beat the crowds, thankfully. We split up so that Sophia could pick out something for Saidey and I headed to Bath and Body Works with Saidey to pick out some stocking stuffers for Sophia. Saidey helped me pick out some things and then we headed to Barnes and Noble where Saidey played with the train set while I looked for a few books for the girls. 

My little helper 

We met back up with Will and Sophia and decided on Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

 After lunch, we headed to Old Navy and PetCo for a few more things and then finally went home for quiet time. Will and the girls ended up watching a movie and I got a few zzz's in. After my naptime was over, we put together Sophia's teacher's gifts. We went really easy this year with these mugs from Anthropologie, a few chocolates and gift cards from Target. Wrapped it up with cellophane and topped it off with a bow- easy peasy! 

The girls played a little and then I sent Will off to the grocery store. We had a big haul since we were shopping for Christmas etc. While he was gone, I cleaned out the fridge/freezer to make room for the groceries. We decided to do leftover pizza for the girls for supper and put stuff in the crock pot to make nachos for us when the girls went to bed. 
After the girls ate, we all got in PJ's, grabbed Starbucks (hot chocolate and cookies) and headed to a little neighborhood to look at lights. One particular neighborhood, has every house decorated and Santa comes too. The girls got to see Santa, he came right to our car and passed out candy canes. Sophia was SO tickled and was so sure that it was the real Santa (we've told her that all the Santas she sees are Santa's helpers because he's so busy at this time of the year) and he was SO nice. 

Getting ready to look at Christmas lights! 

Blurry because SO EXCITED!! 

We got home and put the girls to bed. We ate our supper and began to wrap gifts. We got all the presents wrapped and placed just so under the Christmas tree. As of Monday morning, only one gift has been ripped open by our third child, Odin. 

Sunday was a productive day. The girls played in their room while Will and I cleaned. He did all the floors while I did the dusting, cleaning showers/counters/toilets, etc. It was so nice to do it as a team as it cut the amount of time cleaning in half. The girls did great at playing quietly on their own so that we could clean and actually did great at helping clean their room too. 

All clean and ready for Christmas festivities to begin! 

After we got done cleaning, I sent Will out to get a few last minute gift cards we still needed. The girls and I ate a quick lunch and then baked cookies. The girls love to help bake. Their favorite part- getting a lick of the spoon/bowl. Then came the fun part: frosting the cookies! 

Tinkerbell and Elsa getting ready to bake

So, so true 

Frosting prepared 

And.. the aftermath

Our beautiful frosted, sprinkled sugar cookies

It was a quiet afternoon as the girls played and I continued working on things around the house, putting away laundry, etc. We had supper, baths and sent the girls to bed. Overall, it was a great weekend and we are so looking forward to a short week and time with family for Christmas. Tuesday is Sophia's class party and I am volunteering and am running the Snowman Bowling. I have Wednesday off due to the girls' child care being closed and I want to do something with the girls but haven't worked out specific details yet. I work Christmas Eve but am planning on leaving work early so that we can head to church. I have a crock pot meal planned so that when we return from church, we can eat. Peppermint our Elf, is planning on leaving one last gift for the girls, containing special Christmas jammies, a Christmas movie and movie treats to watch on Christmas Eve. 

That's it for now, have a great week everybody!