Thursday, November 19, 2015

Friday Favorites- Gift Ideas for the Kiddos

FriYAY you are here again! It's so lovely to see you! Since it's Friday, it's time for Friday Favorites and today, I thought I would share with you all some gift ideas for kiddos. These are some gifts we've already purchased for the girls for the holidays and some are on the list to purchase. 

I don't know about you but sometimes gift giving can be a struggle. I love to give gifts, love to see the excitement in their eyes as they open a gift and I love the sounds of ripping wrapping paper. Granted, I know gifts aren't the reason for the season but it's still fun to make your shopping list, shop and then wrap everything for under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. 

However, sometimes I struggle with knowing what to get the girls when they already have so much. In our society, where more is more it's easy to go overboard. Sophia is so easy to buy for and I find myself reaching for things to put in the cart impulsively that I know she'll love only to find that she didn't REALLY need ANOTHER play dough set. This year, I'm trying to be more intentional with gift giving, making a list and sticking with it. Saidey is super hard to buy for. Mostly because we still have the toys that we got for Sophia at that age and she really, truly doesn't NEED anything. This year, we are sticking with only a few presents from Santa and a few from us. Knowing the limit makes me really narrow down those few, special gifts I really want to give the girls. 

I've found some great deals/ideas on Zulily this year...

Melissa and Doug Fruit Set

 KidKraft mixer 

We already have a few Melissa and Doug sets (pizza, cookies, cupcakes) and the girls absolutely love them. They are durable so the sets we bought several years ago are still holding up. Saidey is into a cutting stage (that sounded kind of morbid) and LOVES to pretend to cut food, so this fruit set is perfect for her age where she is still developing those fine motor skills. I also got her this mixing set because a kid sized mixer? And a roller? Didn't have to pull my leg too hard on this gift. 

Working in a child care setting the last few years, I've seen these in almost every child care center I went to. When Sophia was at Capitol Park, she LOVED playing with these things. Every day when I picked her up, she was at a table, building some sort of contraption with these. I don't know why I didn't do it before, but I purchased a set for the girls this year.

I found a set on Zulily for a great deal but unfortunately they're all sold out. =( But I linked some from Lakeshore. 

Saidey is getting this trampoline from Santa:

Does anyone have one? Reviews?

Sophia stole my super soft, extra big blanket I keep on my rocking chair in our room so that was one of the first things on her list. So, after Christmas I can steal my blanket back! 

When I got it, it was on sale, but it's not anymore. Bummer! 

Sophia is also really into Barbies and Legos right now, so I think we're going to get her this Lego set:

She already has Frozen and Ariel sets so she wants to build up her "collection" and be able to link them all together. 

And for the big one-  (and I must say I've been debating this one) but think it's our destiny to be owners of a Barbie Dreamhouse as much as I've tried to avoid it. 

This will be from Santa for both girls (mainly for Sophia but let's face it, whatever Sophia plays with, Saidey isn't too far behind) 

We also do stockings and will put random things like undies, toothbrushes, and small candies in it. 

There you have it- our Christmas list for the girls. What is on YOUR list for your kids? What is on their list?  Please share in the comments!