Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend Recap- Night Eyes Edition

Another weekend in the books! As always, Monday came too soon. We had another great weekend! 

We spent Friday eating pizza in front of the TV, watched a movie and headed to bed at a decent hour. 

On Saturday, we woke up and got ready for the day. We met Will at my mom's house as he helped her doing all those things I know nothing about. The girls "helped" and then we ran a few errands. You know what's hard to find at every Target, Wal Mart, and Carter's? Brown leggings and long sleeve brown shirts. You may ask, why I waited until THE day that we needed said leggings and shirts and to that, I say- touche'. Needless to say, I finally found exactly what I needed at a children's consignment shop. 

 Sorry so blurry- but these girls were such great helpers! 

All that work tired them out! 

After that little adventure, we decided to go out for lunch. 

Building her math skills. Not a day's rest here! 

We got back home in time for a little rest time and then got ready for Night Eyes at the zoo. 

Sheriff Callie and her horse (Sheriff Callie really has a blue horse named Sparky, we decided to spare Saidey THAT.)

As always, it was a fun time. We rode the train, saw a few animals and filled our buckets with candy. You may notice that Saidey made it into very few pictures. Saidey is in the phase of NEVER STOP. I get pictures of a blob in motion. Or general refusal to comply with instructions. You may see the picture of the three of us in front of the giant pumpkin. Nice picture but it really was supposed to be of only the two girls. You can even see in that picture that she was on her way off my lap already. Saidey refused to sit unless I was there.

After Night Eyes, Will and I grabbed Los Laureles on our way home. Los Laureles is an authentic Mexican food restaurant that we barely ever go to since it's clear across town. So, it definitely was a treat. PS- I realize this paragraph alone talked solely of food.  But it's sooo good. Any DSM folks who haven't tried it and love Mexican food- I highly recommend it! And now, of course a picture! 

Sunday was the best Sunday. I got a lot done but at the same time enjoyed moments of pure laziness. 

I did a little shopping during naptime (amazing) and then we all headed to the grocery store. After we got back, the girls and I made "Monster Mix." I found the recipe here:

Another week is ahead of us and it's a busy one at that. We have Sophia's school play to go to and then her Fall party. It's Beggar's Night here on Friday night so we're planning on heading out and getting more candy that will still probably be found in the pantry next Halloween. Except for the banana laffy taffies (Grandma Lee) and the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Oh and the Smarties. And anything chocolate really. 

Join me back here for What's Up Wednesday! Have a great week all!