Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap- ISU Edition

Despite my post yesterday, we actually had a GREAT weekend! We started it off by heading to Newton to the drive in movie theater. We watched Inside Out and Minions and got home way too late. But it was worth it. The girls loved hanging out in the trunk (Sophia said a few times, "I can't believe I'm in a trunk!"), eating popcorn and pizza while watching the movie. 

On Saturday, we relaxed in the morning, ran to Target and then came home. How cute are these pumpkins I found at Target One Stop?!

Target for the WIN
After letting the dog out, I came upstairs to find this- and no, that's not chocolate! 
 After naps, it was time to watch some ISU football! My mom and Robert came over and we settled in to watch the big game. Of course, it's not football watching without some tasty food. We had lots of yummy snacks, good football to watch and although the Cyclones suffered a loss- it was a great time. This is what it is all about. Football, food, drinks and family.

The cutest Hawk fan ever

"Mom, I can't smile with a Hawk fan." 
Other funny Sophia-isms
Walking into Target. she got mad about something and told me "Go walk with the Hawkeyes." 

Iowa fans rejoicing at the win 
Sunday was an overall yucky day that I would probably rather forget, which I documented here. But now that it's over and a new day is here, I can say that last night was much better. Sophia was in a much better mood and again, I thought she would wake up from her nap to declare me the worst mommy ever but instead- looking at me with those big brown eyes, asked if we could read a book. That girl. I tell you. She has my whole heart. 

This week is pretty quiet- join me on Thursday to read about my favorite Summer moments and how we did on our Summer bucket list!