Sunday, June 7, 2015


WHEW! We've started June off with a bang! Last Thursday, Sophia got a touch of a tummy bug so we all stayed home. I took advantage of being home and a little one who was content laying on the couch resting, watching movies to start on my June goal list- with cleaning out closets. I had a great start for our Goodwill pile.  Oh and you want to feel really bad about your sense of style, take some clothes to Plato's closet- see that box in the picture? NONE of it was accepted. (puts head down, grabs full box and walks shamefully away.)

Load no. 1! 
On Friday, my sister needed help moving into her new apartment so I took the day off and instead of Three Men and a Truck, it turned into Three Ladies in a U-Haul. My sister, mom and I moved a couch, bed and several other items. Needless to say, despite wrestling furniture in 80 degree weather, it was actually fun and reminded me of the times when it was just us three back in the day.

We also transitioned Saidey's crib to a toddler bed. Friday night was a little rough and both girls got to bed waaay late- but by the next night and so far, she's been doing great, with no issues.

Our little Saidey bug in her "big" girl bed
Saturday we woke up bright and early to wait for our own furniture delivery. After it was delivered and we got things settled, we decided breakfast at Perkins was in order. After breakfast, we took our first load to Goodwill and made a Target stop. Now, this was my first REAL test at my No Spend Challenge- let's say I got out of Target with only a new welcome mat, set of dishtowels and tray. Not necessarily needs but I gotta start somewhere, right?! At least it wasn't clothes or One Stop finds that add up. We also checked out the new store At Home where I got some great ideas for a gallery wall I want to do. (After my no spend challenge, of course). We wrapped the day off with dinner at Mama Lacona's and movie night.

Our new couch! Sorry so dark!

The REAL test 
On Sunday we decided to beat the rain (that never came) and head to Blank Park Zoo. It was a great day for the zoo, while a touch humid, it was overcast and we went early enough that it wasn't super busy. Since it was our first trip of the season, we did the train, face painting and carousel. After the zoo, I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on laundry, cleaning and finishing up cleaning out/organizing the pantry and basement area. I didn't sit down until 9PM and boy does this new couch feel good under the tush.

We are looking forward to a BUSY week- I'm excited for the Ed Sheeran concert on Tuesday night and then I also have a two day conference to attend for work.

AAAAND... That's a wrap! I'm about as pooped as these two were after the zoo and am headed to catch some zzz's! Thanks for stopping by! 

Hope it was a good weekend for you all!