Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy EASTER y'all! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and most of all- had a wonderful Easter holiday with loved ones. We know we sure did!

Our weekend was full of quality family time and celebrating another holiday together. I have always loved the holidays but when I started having children my love for all the holidays quadrupled. It is so exciting to see the joy and innocence in Sophia and Saidey and the twinkle in their eye as they see the Easter Bunny (or is that fear?) or the excitement when running around the yard looking for hidden eggs.

We spent Sunday with my family and grilled out and had the traditional egg hunt. The girls played outside almost the entire time and conked out for the car ride home. We got home around 2 and spent the rest of the afternoon outside. We cleaned our patio area and set up our outside furniture. My goal for this Spring is to spruce our little patio area up by getting some planters and flowers. I am not much of a green thumb unfortunately. By the way- did you know that you need to put ice on orchids?! You learn something new everyday!This is probably why I have no living plants in my house.

After a picnic dinner outside and some Easter candy treats, it was ready for bed. We put the girls down, both awake and haven't heard a peep since. Now, it's on to another episode of House of Cards and organize pictures. Have I mentioned how much I despise this task? It's a never ending mundane task much like laundry. Anyway, thanks for reading through my ramblings...

Maintaining our distance...
It's egg dying time! 
No pants? No problem!
The end result!
The bunny has arrived!
Hmm, what's in here?! 
Look ma! New rain boots! 
The three gals
Three Gals and a Guy
Being silly at Grandma and Poppa's
Sister love
Done and Done.
And some fun things to check out...
Mantra Bands- love them!  
Dogeared- great Mother's Day gift ideas! 
(Ahem, Hint to Guy, here)