Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do As I Say, Not as I Do

As Sophia has gotten older, I can't tell you how many times people have commented about how similar we are. Comments like, "Wow, THAT'S where she gets that from!" or "I've seen that from somewhere before." And it's true. There are so many mannerisms and traits that I see in Sophia that remind me of myself. From her slow to warm up personality to her strong willed stubborn side, I can confirm she gets them from me.

Passing on my love for Starbucks? Yup!

Since Saidey has started walking and talking, I have overheard Sophia in her mommy-like voice, reprimanding her little sister, sounding eerily identical to my voice and tone. At times, when I've been eye to eye in a standoff with Sophia- it's like looking in a mirror. And sometimes I can't help but laugh, especially when my four year old is reminding me to "Say it in a nice way, Mommy," complete with a hand on her hip and a pointed finger.

Lots of times when our similarities have been brought to my attention, I took it in stride and laughed about it, but there are times when I want to duck and hide as some of my less favorable traits have been passed on. She serves as my constant reminder that from the day she was born, it is my responsibility to raise a caring, loving individual who will contribute to society in a positive way. What a huge undertaking. Some days I feel the full weight of that responsibility, too. Her very first experiences will lay the foundation for the rest of her life and I play an imperative role in that.

My brown eyed girl :)

When I became a parent, I strove to become not only a better mom but a better human being. Someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Because I know that there are now two sets of little eyes on me at all times- I know that I can talk and lecture all I want. It's my actions that will speak the loudest. It's my actions that my children are watching and taking in. Not what I say.
But here's the upside- I know I'm going to mess it up. I know that I will resort to saying, "Do as I say, not as I do," on more than one occasion on this adventure we call parenting. And I'm sure as they get older, they will be the first ones to point it out to me. But I can show them what making mistakes is all about and how to make it right. To be able to say, "You're right, I made a mistake." To admit when you're wrong and then take steps to make it right. And that's what parenthood is all about- trial and error and apologizing as you go, right?!

Gal #2 with a strong will. Like mother, like daughter

First Snookies visit of the season

And more to come, I'm sure!

So, tell me- what are some traits (positive or negative!) that you see in your child that they've inherited from you? Please share!

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