Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What we're eating this week
We've been doing some serious grilling! Chicken, hamburgers, pork chops and my favorite- grilled veggies!

What I'm reading
I'm really failing here this month. I'm still working on Wild. Which is really good. Just haven't been able to read more than a few pages a night. 

What I'm looking forward to
Saidey's 2nd birthday party! We are doing a ladybug theme- Saidey's middle name is Marie, after my Grandma Joan who passed away right before she was born. My grandma loved ladybugs and on the day of her funeral, a ladybug landed on my arm! Since then, my mom, sister and I got ladybug tattoos in her honor. We also call Saidey- "Saidey bug." And she is our little lady. :)

 The final invite

We love you Grandma Joan!

What I'm loving
May Designs- completely fun and personalizable! If you love notebooks, planners or stationary, this is the site for you! 

What we've been up to
OUTSIDE! Bubbles, chalk, walks to the park! 

What I'm working on
Trying to find a way to make a lady bug cake. I have a few ideas just have to figure out the details. 

What I'm excited about
It can't be a post in March without mentioning March Madness! The Cyclones are back to back Big 12 Champs! WOO HOOO!!! We can't wait to cheer them on in the NCAA tournament! 

Back to back Big 12 Champs!!

What I'm watching
Dancing with the Stars and House of Cards- season 3!

What I'm listening to
I am loving the Pandora station: Pop and Hip Hop Workout Station

What I am annoyed by
If you have lived in Iowa you know by now that Mother Nature is pretty indecisive.  I am loving the nicer weather but along with that we have been having really warm days and then the next day, a 20 degree drop. NOT so conducive to planning out your outfit for the day.

What I'm hoping for
That I can pull off this ladybug cake. Please send good vibes.

What I'm wearing today
On the weekends I have been sporting my white Converse's, jeans, a top and my new jacket from Old Navy. And of course, as always, my Wrenn Jewelry. :)

So, what's up with you??