Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Saidey Marie

When I became pregnant I experienced an overwhelming mixture of emotions- to excitement to fear and anxiety. Not to mention the extreme fatigue! But mostly fear and anxiety- for a couple of reasons. The first- Sophia. I worried about how this baby would impact Sophia. I worried about how she would adjust to having to share her mommy and daddy. But most of all I was worried about my own ability to love a second child as much as I loved Sophia. I knew the depth of my love for Sophia ran deeper than I could ever imagine and truthfully was terrified I wouldn't feel that way for this baby.

The moment I laid eyes Saidey, my fears and anxiety melted away and like her sister, she had me at first wail. Saidey is as much like Sophia as they're different. Saidey is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. She is our go-getter, no fear, independent little lady. She has us all wrapped around her little finger and knows it. She has a smile that will cut you at the knees- and that personality? You can't help but just stare and watch her little mind at work.

I heard once that each new stage of development is even more fun than the last and I believe that. As sad and bittersweet it is to see her growing up I am that much more excited to continue to watch her grow and I can't wait for another year with her!

So, on this day, I wish my baby girl a happy second birthday. You, my girl- have filled our lives with so much laughter, love and sunshine. I couldn't imagine life without you. Here's to another year of smiles, laughter and hopefully not too many tears! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Saidey Bug, we LOVE YOU!!